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Cell Phone Review: Tracfone Motorola C139

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By victoria_trix on
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I recently realized that with my family growing up and going in different directions all the time that we needed cell phones incase of an emergency. Being that the cell phones were only going to be used for quick calls and emergency calls I decided that prepaid phones would fit our needs the best. I shopped around looking for the best deal and ended up purchasing the Tracfone Motorola C139.

The Tracfone Motorola C139 offers many great features such as an extra long battery life, text messaging, a phonebook that holds up to 100 numbers, voice mail and so much more. The features I like the best are the extra bright screen which will be useful for calls that are made in the dark if for instance someone is stuck on the side of the freeway in a broken down car in the middle of the night, the screen is very easy to see. I also like the fact that the phone is very light weight and only weighs 2.82 ounces. This makes it easy to carry in your pocket or even a small purse.

Yet another great feature is that you can add Trafone air time directly to your Tracfone Motorola C139 phone in many different ways. You can purchase a Tracfone prepaid card and enter the number directly into your phone or online at the Tracfone website. You can also purchase extra minutes by using your credit card or bank account online. Tracfone also offers a family plan where for $9.99 you can add 50 minutes to your phone and for an additional $5.99 for each phone you can add 30 minutes to any other phone.

When activation your Tracfone Motorola C139 you can do so by calling the toll free number you are given in the package or activate it online. If you choose to activate your Tracfone Motorola C139 online you will also receive an additional 10 units of air time on top of the 10 units the phone comes with. Make sure to sign up for the Tracfone bonus club online when you activate your Tracfone Motorola because you will receive bonus minutes and special offers from time to time via email from them.

I have found that I do enjoy my Tracfone Motorola C139 and the service it provides. For the majority of the time I do have a very clear reception when making a call. I have never had a drop call when using this phone. The size of the phone is extremely convenient and the phone itself is very easy to use and navigate. Although the phone does not have many of the popular features such as internet, a camera or download capabilities if your just looking for a phone to do the job of making and receiving phone calls this is a great, budget friendly choice.