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Cerumol I Can Hear!

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I've never had any issues with my ears or my hearing and I had no any idea what it was actually like to experience an earache, an ear infection or even the issue I now had...an apparent build up of ear wax, yuck!

I'd spent a weekend recently feeling a little off balance and seemed to be getting a little worse. I decided it was time to head to the drug store and see if I could locate something to alleviate the pressure and the blocked feeling in my ear and hopefully rid myself of the little bit of vertigo I was experiencing as well.

I found this little 11mL bottle of liquid known as Cerumol. It's a clear liquid that comes with a small dropper. Five drops in the ear that is giving you problems and the solution is suppose to go right to work and begin softening the wax build up and allow it to simply "flow" away. Putting drops in my ears was a totally unique experience in itself. I hated it! I've even been the person on the end of the dropper administering them to my own children and my husband on the rare occasion but there is nothing like true appreciation of the sensation experienced when you drop liquid into your ear and suddenly you can't hear anything - than when you have to experience it yourself!

This medication is meant to be administered five drops in the affected ear 2-3 times per day for a maximum of 3 days. It isn't a pleasant smelling liquid by any means and if you saturate a cotton ball and apply it to the inner area of the ear after the 5 drops are administered it does tend to leave a slight burning sensation although nothing terribly uncomfortable.

Does it work? Well, after just one application which made my ear feel as though I had just had a huge object inserted inside blocking everything, after about an hour the plugged feeling began to subside and by about 1 am I was actually able to rub my ear and it wasn't getting that blocked up feeling any longer.

When I woke next morning there was still a slight feeling of something not right so I applied drops again and within the day I was feeling much better and able to hear again! I used a very little bit of this to get through my first ever ear problem - 10 drops to be exact - so this 11ml's will last me a lifetime I'm sure.

Good product that works as it says, even though it doesn't smell very pleasant - but I guess they could adopt the "smells bad but works" attitude too. I'd recommend this product to adults having ear wax buildup - as for children, they indicate for 12 and older but I don't know that too many children would like the smell ;)