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Cetaphil Cleanser For All Skin Types

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Jennifer Regan By Jennifer Regan on
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I'm always looking for the right cleanser for my skin. I have very sensitive skin that would be classified as "combination" skin (dry-ish cheeks and oily t-zone). I need something that can do a deep clean to help minimize the oiliness, but that doesn't dry out my already dry areas, and that doesn't burn like some cleansers do. A friend suggested I try Cetaphil, and since she's always had clear, smooth skin, I figured I'd try it out too.

I've been using the the Daily Facial Cleanser (liquid) for normal to oily skin types. It comes in a pump bottle in a couple sizes. I usually buy the 16 fl oz bottle, and this lasts me at least a month. I normally wash my face in the shower, and this pump bottle is perfect for that. I don't use a washcloth or an applicator; I simply put one or two pumps on my fingertips, then gently massage my face with the cleanser for a minute or two. I then let the water from the shower rinse my face. Cetaphil rinses clean, leaving my face feeling clean and smooth.

I'm very happy with the results. I haven't experienced any dryness or clogged pores- in fact, my pores definitely appear smaller (pores will appear to shrink when they are kept clean & clear). I don't wear foundation makeup, and I use a different cleanser at night, so I can't say much about Cetaphil taking off makeup, other than that my friend (who has used it for 15 years) says it works great for makeup removal.

I'd recommend Cetaphil to anyone who wants a gentle, but powerful cleanser, but with a strong warning. Cetaphil is not an organic or all natural cleanser. It does contain "masking fragrance" (which is VERY mild- I'm sensitive to smells and it doesn't bother me). It also contains methylparaben- which is one of those nasty parabens everyone is so weary of these days. According to Skin Deep (the cosmetic safety database) methylparaben has a safety rating of 8 (10 being the highest concern), and is found in a host of skin care products. It does work for your skin though. The database says nothing about the effects of using a small amount daily, as in Cetaphil. This is one of the reasons I only use Cetaphil once a day and why I have it a rating of 3 - it's a great product, but with known carcinogens in it.