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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser For All Skin Types

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My Grandma gave this to me about a month ago. She is always trying to help me find products that are gentle, high quality and that can be used with my skin. I have Psoriasis (the plaque variety) and so many things just irritate the heck out of them! My skin otherwise is not usually very sensitive. I probably never would have tried Cetaphil if my Grandma hadn’t given me this bottle.

Cetaphil makes a number of skin care products. The one I have been using is the “Gentle Skin Cleanser, for all skin types” in the 16oz pump top bottle.

One of the reasons I think this is so mild and works so well for my skin is that it is SOAP-FREE. That always gets me…how can something clean well but be soap free?? LOL!...I still don’t know the answer to that however this stuff does an AWESOME job!


Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Stearyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben.


There are 2 different ways you can use this FOR USE WITHOUT WATER-You apply a liberal amount of the cleanser to your skin rubbing gently...then remove the excess leaving a thin film on the skin.

FOR USE WITH WATER- You apply to the skin and then rinse.

The bottle says that Cetaphil was” originally formulated for dermatologists, specifically for the cleansing of even the most sensitive skin” It is NON-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) Fragrance free, and also dermatologist recommended.

You can use it on any part of your body and is even gentle enough to use on a baby.


I REALLY like this stuff. It leaves your skin feeling CLEAN!! And SO SOFT!!! It does a really good job taking off make up, but at the same time is GENTLE!! It is formulated to NOT strip your skin of its natural protective oils or emollients or disturb the natural PH balance. They also say that it is great to treat dryness that comes from acne treatments or the use of anti-aging products. (I use a lot of the anti-aging products.)

I have had NO drying effects or irritation from this product.

ONE thing that really threw me off about Cetaphil at first was that it doesn’t lather. I am so used to a rich lathering product –whether it is facial cleanser or body wash. This Cetaphil didn’t do that. It does have a nice creamy feeling. It just doesn’t “foam “or lather, it stays pretty flat. I did get used to it and I wouldn’t let that fact turn you away from trying this product because it really is a great cleanser.

I did use it as a body wash, and a hand cleanser but I will say that I primary use it as a facial cleanser. I use it with water…the without water directions are just weird to me. I tried it on my hands (without water) and it was fine. No greasy residue and it did leave my skin feeling soft. I just think leaving a film of it ON, is weird.

As a facial cleanser I love this stuff! It takes off every trace of make up! AND I cannot express how clean, soft and smooth it leaves your skin feeling! It rinses of easily…more easily than any skin cleanser I have ever used and I should also add that even though the instructions say to use a liberal amount...2 pumps is MORE than enough product to clean the face well so it has lasted me a LONG time (the 16oz size)This is a great product that I really have no complaints about.

My 16 year old daughter has also been using this as a facial cleanser and her little bit of break outs has stopped, her skin has smoothed out and any blackheads she had are gone. She is jumping for joy happy with her fresh skin.

We also used this on the baby a couple of times because we were out of baby soap and this did a great job...his skin felt soft, smooth and clean. No irritation, No drying...it was a little odd washing baby with out the lathering type product but it WORKED.

If you have sensitive skin or you are just looking for a great gentle cleanser that you can use everyday I would highly recommend trying Cetaphil.

This is available online, I believe Wal-mart has it and I’m pretty sure Walgreen’s has it. It is about $11.00 for the 16oz bottle. They make a number of skin care products. I haven’t tried any of the others yet but I probably will now! They do have a website with all of their products and more information that I will include below.