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Cg Liner Pen: Good Idea Gone Bad

Reviewing: Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Liner Pen  |  Rating:
By lili-bunny on
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If I can brag about anything, it´s my ability to put on liquid eyeliner. Oh, and walk in 6 inches stripper shoes, but let´s not get off topic.=P

So if I´m an expert on puting on regular liquid eyeliner, why the heck did I decide to get one that comes in a pen? Good question, maybe it´s because of my not-always-so-convenient will to try new things, or maybe it´s because that baby pen filled with liner seemed oh so cute. But anyway I got it ( along with other $60 worth of make up...=P) and rushed home to try the invention that could make a lot of women happier, but to my surprise it did not make me happy or pleased. At all.

When I first put it on it was way to watery like if you got your regular liquid liner and put a lot of water in it, you wouldn´t´ do that right? So why would you get a liner that already comes like this? (hint: DON`T!). But I was willing to give it a second chance so I applied a second coat of liner, and not only it didn´t darkened the previous coat, but it also wiped it off! Bottom line: it doesn´t work at all. Needless to say it went straight to the trash can. =( R.I.P. damn liner that comes in a pen!


* it´s really tiny & cute, but that´s about it.


* it´s too watery and it doesn´t work.

* it´s not really easy to apply it anyway, I´d go with the regular one.