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Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia Could Ch, Ch, Ch, Be Cheaper

Reviewing: Chia Pet Scooby Doo  |  Rating:
Rodney Ray By Rodney Ray on
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We bought the Chia Pet for my son he had seen the commercials and commented on how neat he thought it was. When we went shopping for it I had no idea how expensive they were, at least the way I think they are expensive. The Scooby Doo Chia Pet performed very well as far as what it is supposed to do. It comes with an abundant supply of seeds to start with, the instructions call for 2 Teaspoons of seed but it works with considerably less. The seed gel combination works great to keep the seeds in place. When Scooby is fully grown out I have to admit he looks pretty cool. I have only one complaint of this product and that is the price I think it could be sold a little less expensively. Even with the price we are looking to find a Shaggy here locally too. So anyone interested in a unique way to grow a simple little house plant this could be the way to go. I would also recommend this planer set up to any one that is a little less than green thumb, as it is easy to set up and care for.