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Champion's C9 Exercise Ball

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By matildathehun on
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If you’re familiar with pilates, you know that you need a decent pilates ball. The ball takes a beating every time you exercise, getting pushed, pulled, rolled on, and sometimes almost smushed flat. If a ball isn’t made well, you’ll find out fast when it finally gives out. Pilates equipment can get kind of expensive, and you don’t want to find out the hard way that you bought a bad ball. Enter Champion’s C9 ball: a sturdy piece of equipment that will last you a long time.

The ball is bright blue with a black band painted around it. It inflates to 25 inches, which may be smaller then you are used to, but is more then adequate for most exercisers. If you are above 250 pounds, you may want to go a class higher, but otherwise this ball will work for you. It uses “anti-burst construction” and is super-reinforced. It has a blurb on the back that says it’s approved for those with balloon-popping phobias. This thing is one tough ball. My boyfriend and I both use one, and we haven’t had a one burst in almost 6 months of continuous usage.

The pump it comes with is nicely made, too. It’s constructed so that it inflates with every movement, making the inflation time quick and relatively painless. If you travel with your ball and pack/unpack it often, you will really come to appreciate this. One complaint is that the mouth of the nozzle sometimes seems too small for the hole in the ball, but it doesn’t really affect inflation time.

All in all, this ball is worth the investment if you plan on making pilates an every day event. It’s sturdy and tough, and won’t let you down.