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Char Broil Bbq Grill

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Our friends had the opportunity to move to India for their ministry and gave us their Char-Broil Quickset Two Burner BBQ Grill. I had been wanting to buy a grill for several years but we just never had room before to put one. This opportunity to get a free one was too hard to pass up.

Now this BBQ grill had been left on their patio and I don't know how old it is, but would guess at least 5 years old. It was pretty dirty when we got it, but they gave us the gas tank and all of the accessories. We weren't about to take this gift for granted and my husband was looking forward to cleaning it up and he totally scrubbed this grill down and got it cleaned from all of the previous years of it being used. I know the pictures don't make it look great but it's clean. It burns on a propane tank and uses Lava Rocks to burn with. We do need to buy a cover to help protect it.

There are 2 knobs to control each burner inside the grill and a red ignition button to light the flame.

My husband has not put in the extra top shelf, as right now it's just the two of us that use this grill. There are places to hook the BBQ utensils and a tray near the bottom right for putting items in.

I know this grill doesn't look like much and probably needs a paint job, but it's clean and cooks great. It definitely attests to the quality of a Char-Broil grill and considering my husband prefers charcoal over propane, we can say we're satisfied with the outcome of the steaks and other meats he has cooked on it.

After checking the Char-Broil website, it appears the design of this grill hasn't changed much. I would say they just need to leave it as is.

The grill stand has 2 six inch wheels on one side and two "feet" on the other to keep it in place.

The grill weighs just over 40 pounds and isn't hard for me, with my bad back, to move around.

I believe this grill also has the 26, 500 BTU burners, but wasn't sure how to check.

I have included a video of my husband grilling 2 steaks on the grill tonight. They came out perfect and tender, by the way.

This grill is easy to control when you need at adjust the flame and I am sure we'll be using it a lot this summer and also using the 2nd shelf that was included.

Another thing my husband really liked about having a propane tank is that it's "instant on" ignition and no waiting for the charcoal to be ready. We may still prefer the charcoal taste but we aren't complaining at all about this Char-Broil grill!

Great product! Even when weathered and used.