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Charge It For 3hr And Consequently Use It For 1hr

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By vwpsoftware on
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When you hear the name "LG", you would immediately think of good-quality electronic goods. However, the U8180 mobile phone is an exception. It is of disastrously bad quality, though however quite reliable.

For a start, the camera is shocking. 1.3 megapixels would seem quite reasonable for a sub-2006 mobile, but when you take a photo, the quality is just appalling. On top of that, the camera software is laggy and slow to respond. The only zoom option is a preset zoom, and while in the process of videoing, you cannot zoom at all.

The keypad is of a reasonable size, but is very annoying to type on. It is very "clunky", and the "end call" button is extremely unresponsive. The web browser is very slow, even in 3G areas. The screen is 176x220 pixels in size, and does not support highly-detailed graphics.

The U8180 does not allow you to to put on your own applications by default, but some people have figured out hacks to enable this. If you do apply the hack, the applications you put on must be extremely small in size; well under 100KB.

The battery is nothing but rubbish. It takes longer than 3 hours to charge, while it only takes 1 hour for it to start flashing "Low battery!". However, the mobile is overall quite reliable; I've used it since 2006 without it fully breaking, although the front cover almost became fully detached.

The LG U8180 was formerly available from Three in Australia on its $10 "Family and Friends on 3" plan, which is currently superseded by 3's $29 cap. Overall, it is reliable but there are major issues in the software, and the battery is nothing but absolute garbage. Maybe try freezing it...?