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Charmed: A Tale Of Two Pipers

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By ladym33 on
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A few years ago one of the most interesting and magical shows on television ended its long running series. The television series Charmed documented the lives of three sisters who were witches, and trying to live normal lives among the humans. Their lives were often interrupted by the necessity for them to save the world from the evil elements of the universe.

The three sisters lives changed quite a bit over the series but they all kind of had their personality roles. Also one of the sisters was killed earlier in the series and another unknown sister was found. Piper is the oldest sister, the responsible and nurturing but sometimes a bit too high strung. Pheobe is the more free spiritited one, and Paige the newest and youngest sister can't seem to figure out where she belongs in the world.

The WB show was so popular that a series of books were created for fans. One book that I have read recently from this series is A Tale of Two Pipers.

In A Tale of Two pipers Piper has become overly stressed out. Her husband is a away and she has several things to do. She is having trouble managing her nightclub and her home life. The bills are piling up and there is baking to be done, and many other things that she can't possibly get done on her own. When she accidently drops some spices in to some spell ingredients, she accidently wishes that there were more than one of her, and now Piper has become two.

At first this seems perfect. There are two of her that can tackle all of the things that need to be done. this even allows piper to take some time to relax.

With two Pipers sharing powers each of the powers has been weakened and are even fading. Everything seems to have been split and both Pipers are even becoming weak and sick. Pheobe and Paige are trying hard to get them better, but things become even worse when Piper's husband Leo is captured by white Lighters (who are evil), Piper does not have the strength or power to fight to get him back.

Rescuing Leo will take the Power of Three which can only work when all three of the sisters are working together. Without Piper's power the witches will have a difficult time finding a spell that can help them save Leo. To make matters worse, Leo who is their Whitelighter (kind of like a witches guidance councilor), is not there to help guide them to the perfect spell.

Leo and Piper could both be lost forever unless Pheobe and Paige can come up with a reversal spell, that will change Piper back to just one.

The book is much like the show. There are quick quips of humor thrown in here and there. If you have never watched the series you might have a difficult time envisioning the characters. The book is written in such a way that you kind of need to imagine their inflexions, and attitudes and personalities. Since I watch the series I had no problem doing this, but I can't help but think that people who have not seem the series might find the writing kind of flippy.

Aside from the very casual dialogue the story line is quite interesting, and the book picks up to be quite exciting. Building up to a great ending.

This book is a quick and easy read.

If you are already a Charmed fan you will very likely enjoy this book. If you not familiar with the series you may need to get through the first couple of chapters before the book starts to get interesting to you.