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Charssi's Hyped Up Carmallow...Just Hype?

Reviewing: Charssi Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow Spoon Fudge  |  Rating:
roxyroo By roxyroo on
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Now what is "spoon fudge, " you ask?

It's rather obvious, really! The deceptive size (10 oz.) and even more deceptive texture might just land you a tummy ache.

But, sadly, not this flavour of the month. Every month, Charssi releases a very limited run of a new flavour. Apparently, this one has been so popular and in demand that it starred as a Flavour of the Month again. I enjoy Charssi very much, although I do feel the product is slightly overpriced and contains a few ingredients I feel are rather unhealthy (trans-fats, artificial flavour and colours).

I enjoy Charssi, I enjoy marshmallow...what's not to like?

I suspect the caramel. Instead of the light, airy texture and creamy flavour I had anticipated, this combination of chocolate, caramel, and marshmallow didn't work for my tastes. The texture was heavy and rather thick, and the real problem was the flavour: overly-caramelized! As in...burnt-tasting.

This one didn't live up to the hype for me, but many enjoyed it. Fans of products such as Nutella and smoky flavours may like this, but don't expect much fluffy marshmallow here!