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Cheap Cellphone, Might Be Worth It

Reviewing: Audiovox Cdm8910  |  Rating:
compeek By compeek on
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My first cell phone was the Audiovox CDM8910 CDMA Camera Phone. I got it mainly because it was one of the only free phones with a contract at U.S. Cellular at the time. It seemed to be the best one. I have not been nearly as impressed with it as I was at the store though.

It seems like a decent phone when you first play with it. The menus are easy to navigate, and for the most part the settings and options are easy to access and change.

The cell phone is similar to most simple cell phones these days. There are two buttons on either side at the top of the control pad. These open the menu, contact list, and some sub-menus (erasing a contact, switching to symbols input mode, etc.). There is a circular 4-direction control also used for navigating the menus. There is an OK button and a CLR (clear) button, which is used for going back in a menu and clearing the screen.

The sound quality is where this phone really falls behind. The sound is mediocre, but the microphone is even worse. There were plenty of calls where I could understand the person I was talking to, but they could hardly understand me. My cousin has the same phone, and when we would both talk to each other on our Audiovox’s we had difficulty having a clear conversation. It’s perfectly possible to have a conversation with someone, but it’s not crystal clear or anything like that.

The camera is rather poor. It takes pictures, but they are low quality. It has the normal alarms and stuff, but they are not worth mentioning as they are the same as most phone.

One major drawback for some people is that it has no support for games or the ability to download or play games.

The battery life is okay. The battery level on the screen is worthless. It fluctuates all the time without reason. You can probably get a couple hours of talking in before it dies. But again, it’s hard to say because it’s difficult to know when the battery is actually dead.