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In the last few years the market has been flooded with new skin care products and the ones for at home dermabrasion seem to be leading the pack. I am guilty myself of shelling out large amounts of money to try a few of them. I can not say that I personally was thrilled with the results I got from any of them and none of them made my skin feel as clean as my old friend the Buf-Puf.

My mother bought me me first Buf-Puf when I was 12 years old and I have used one almost every day ever since. If I skip a day, my face just does not feel clean. I am very low maintenance and use little to no makeup and cosmetic products on my skin yet I get compliments on it all the time. People always ask what my secret is for my soft smooth skin and all I can think of is either good genes or my Buf-Puf.

A Buf-Puf is a stiff sponge made of a plastic like material that you use with your favorite soap or cleanser. On a daily basis I use a facial type soap like Dove or Ponds and then once a month I rev it up by using something more abrasive like St. Ives apricot scrub. The texture of the sponge exfoliates the top layer of the skin like the scub parts of the dermabrasion kits on the market but with no added chemicals. It removes all the dead skin cells before they sit around and clog your pores and it safe to use everyday. Back when I first started using the Buf-Puf, there was only one kind. Today there are different textures of it available for different skin types as well as the disposable ones that I take with me when I travel. After you wash your face, rinse it off and it is good to go the next day. I try to change my sponge out every 2-3 months depending on how sad it is looking at the time.

I call my Buf-Puf my little beauty secret and it was around doing dermabrasion before doing dermabrasion was cool. Thanks Mom I owe it all to you!

Update On Jun 02, 2008: Buf-Puf also sells a product called Buf-Puf singles. The package contains 40 single use sponges that have a facial cleanser already in them. Simple wet them and squeeze and they are ready to go. Since they are small and disposable, I take these with me when I travel and leave my big puff at home.

Update On Feb 27, 2010: I recently tried a store brand puff instead of an original Buf-puf and the store brand last half as long as the real thing. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra dollar for the real one.