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Cheap Hair Spray That Works!!!

Reviewing: Tre Semme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray  |  Rating:
By lili-bunny on
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We all know how hard is to find a good cheap hair spray that works, so ladies look no more.

Having really thick straight hair, I definitely need the right hair spray to support my love for curls, but also I don´t want to spend $30 on a single bottle because believe me i use a LOT of it. My hair is pratically flamable!

One day in a friend´s house, I discovered the wonders of TRESemme´s hair spray. TRESemme makes professional quality products with drugstore prices, which is really good for the poor hair spray addicted girls such as myself. And I´m not joking, their stuff is really good and it was used to style all the models´ hair on Project Runway.

Now that I live in Brazil I can honestly tell you that the thing I miss the most about the US is TRESemme´s hair spray! Being a hair spray junkie I had to find the replacement for my beloved TRESemme, and the closer I got here in Brazil was with L'anza ´s Urban Elements hair spray, that cost $45! Yes I said $45! And that is the 10.6 oz bottle, while you can get TRESemme´s 11 oz bottle for only $4 in the USA, and it works just as good.

Ok ok I have to confess that L'anza hair spray in the US is much more cheap than in Brazil. I´ve done some research and I found it online for $13 but it´s still pretty pricey for a hair spray when you can get one that is just as good for $4.

So hair spray junkies of all the world go get a bottle of TRESemme´s extra hold hair spray, and maybe send me one too. =P


* it´s really cheap (under $5).

* they come in all different sizes. Baby ones to carry in your purse, medium ones for trips and the jumbo size, for hair spray addicts like me.

*it´s not as sticky as most hair sprays.

* I think it smells really good.


* like most hair sprays, you get that dry-hair feeling.