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Cheap Stapler For Long Range

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iceprincess By iceprincess on
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UFEN Stapler

After printing our nuptial mass guide, the next problem was to use the right stapler to staple the A4 paper in the middle to form a booklet. We only have the regular size stapler that can only reach up to 3 inches. My fiancé and I scouted for stapler in bookstores. We found one but the price is not reasonable (around US$67) for us who will just use it occasionally, and we are in tight budget now because wedding expenses is getting higher. We continue or search because we don’t know a friend who owns a long stapler. Then last August 28 we found UFEN Stapler at Merriam Webster Bookstore that only cost around US$10 (469 in Philippine peso). It is so cheap and I immediately bought it. The material used for the body of this stapler is not as sophisticated as $67 worth stapler but it served its purpose well. It is blue and looks like a regular stapler mounted at the end on a long stick. It has ruler in inches on the receiving stick below and a guide for the edge of the paper to make sure the staples fall in the middle of the paper. Its length is almost the same as A3 paper, 17 inches long. It is loadable with regular size of staple wire (24/6 or 26/6 staples) and loading it is the same as the ordinary stapler.