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Cheat, The Card Game I Cant Say Bull....

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Cheat is a card game where the objective is to empty all the cards out of your hand the fastest. The player must put down 1 - 4 cards face down of a certain rank that is up, down or the same rank of the card played before on the discard pile and the other players must assess the correctness of whether he/she has placed the card without seeing the card.

The dealer first must evenly deal all the cards amongst the players that are playing the game. If there is an uneven balance once the dealer has dealt, then jokers may be added to fix the problem. (adding one joker makes the balance even to 3 players, two jokes makes the game even to 5 people.)

When a player plays a legal card(s) face down and it complies with what the player said, the opponents may choose to either "slide" or say "cheat" (if the opponent believes he is cheating). When a player calls cheat on another player, if he is right, the opponent must pick up all te cards on the discard pile, but if he is wrong then he himself must pick up all the cards on the discard pile.

Once someone has no cards left, he/she wins the game.