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Checkout My Hump!

Reviewing: Camel, Cordura Travelling Backpack  |  Rating:
akenchi samanosuke By akenchi samanosuke on
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For shrek, he may has his noble steed, that is donkey. And Jax, he has his noisy sidekick, Daxter. When these two couples work as a team, they're unstoppable. I too have my own companion, and he is my backpack. But sorry to say that when we're together, we don't kick some ass, cause we kick all asses that ever come across us, yeah!

Going out with this bag sure give me a bit of embarassment at first, due to its bulky shape. But later on, you'll see that you can't judge a bag by its shape. When I'm going to class, the bag will be the heaviest. One or two 500 pages books will be in the main compartment, lab coat in the third biggest compartments, and my lunch will be at the sidepocket. And guess what? I still have much space left in my bag to shove any whale! Yeah, its unbelieveable how this small bag could have such large space carry stuff half of my weight. I rather feel comfortable to say that this bag is suitable for camping than for going to class. Cause the bag's function aren't limited to be feed in with stuff only, but you can actually carry a rope or some other safety equipment with the ready-made buckle attach to the shoulder strap. I make use of it by clipping a compass just in case I got lost. LOL

Another good thing about this bag is its tenderness and its calm massage beating upon my back. I do remember the time when I was with the old bag, walking under the sunbath. The bath was compounded when my back started to sweat and and getting slimy. But with this current bagpack, neither the shoulder strap, or the back-rest gimme any pain in the neck. The texture is of the fabric is so comfortable and I think there exist some kind of airflow network in the fabric. Cause I hardly remember when was the last time my back was sweat-bath by this bag. Maybe it never happened!

Not enough with that, my bag further boasted its ability on one incident when I was walking through a crowd of hasty people going the opposite way of my direction. You see, the bagpack is big, making it easy for me to be pulled and dragged along the crowd's raging flow. At that time, I thought that maybe the bag's strap will snap, or it may be scratched, or cut. But after surviving the wave, I was left to find out that it was my shoulder who was hurt the most, and my humps, were barely tickled. I turned my head back, and I've realised that I've evolved. No more fear for me to fight through the torrents of people in the metro station, and that simply made me a better person I think.

Right now, my 'portable hump' was resting on the bed. If a camel's hump could carry 5 litres of water, then my hump could carry 5 camels! When we're together, there's no stopping us!