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Chef's Choice International Gourmet Egg Cooker

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I got this egg cooker from QVC. It is an electrical appliance that lets you cook up to seven eggs at a time. You can prepare either three poached eggs or seven boiled eggs with each batch. The cooker's exterior is made from brushed stainless steel, and it came with a one-year limited warranty. It has a selector that determines cooking time. The selector slides from left to right, and it includes both minutes and legends that say "soft, " "medium" and "hard." This allows you a lot of flexibility for cooking the eggs: if they were a bit too soft, you can add a minute or two the next time.

Preparing eggs is easy with this cooker. All you have to do is add water to the bottom reservoir (it has a fill line), choose how many eggs you are having, put either the poaching tray or the regular egg tray inside the cooker, and put the top on. Then you select the cooking time and turn the appliance on. It does everything else and is kind enough to let you know when your eggs are done by beeping at you.

It takes about 20-25 minutes to prepare seven hard-boiled eggs. The eggs are fairly easy to peel afterwards, too. The best thing I like about this cooker is that I don't have to stay by the stove and supervise the boiling when I make hard-boiled eggs.

It is also easy to clean. The poaching tray and regular egg tray are plastic and therefore dishwasher safe on the top shelf. The bottom piece only needs to be wiped out where the water reservoir is. The reservoir is coated with a nonstick material. It has the power supply and electrical components, so obviously it can't go in the dishwasher. The top piece can be hand-washed or placed in the dishwasher.

The instructions also recommend that you wash your eggs before putting them in the cooker, and I would guess this is to keep the bottom piece clean. If there is dirt or residue on your eggs, it will end up on the bottom of your egg cooker.

If you like to have hard-boiled eggs around for salads or as healthy snacks for your kids, I would recommend this cooker simply because it will save you time. It's kind of pricey for something you can do on a stovetop with pots and pans you already have, but I think the convenience is worth paying for if you boil eggs a lot. I know I have forgotten I was boiling something only to come back and find it had boiled over all over the stove and made a huge mess. I don't have to worry about that with this cooker. It has a small footprint, too, so it won't take up too much room on your countertop or in your cabinets.