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Chen Style Tai Chi

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Tai Chi Master Tseng Yun Xiang demonstrates the movements throughout the video. Tseng is an accredited teacher of Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Qi Gong. Tseng has studied under several famous teachers in China and migrated to the USA in 1990. This video was made in 1992 and was directed and produced by Bob Klein.

Various stances, hand positions, kicks, and movements are covered in this instructional video. Most of the movements are shown from several angles.

There are far too many movements in this 90 minute video to follow from start to finish. A beginning student will need to keep the video remote close at hand to pause, rewind, and replay. That is the major shortcoming of this video: there are no title panels describing or enumerating the styles and therefore it is difficult to back up to the beginning of a given form.

After demonstrating the basic movements in the majority of the video, the Chen Style's self defense applications are shown at the end.

There is no doubt that Tseng Yun Xiang is very competent at the practice of Chen Style Tai Chi. The narration seems to be done by an American English speaker.

It is an interesting video, but because of its fast pace, I feel that it is more of a demonstrational video rather than instructional one.