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Cherry Picking Pick Your Own At Wombat Heights

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By MiniTk Kwan on
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If you go to a place called wombat heights which is around the country near canberra then you can find a place where you can pick your own cherries. What you do is you drive up there, pick a bucket that they supply with a plastic bag the size of a garbage bag which they also supply and go out to the fields and pick as many cherries as possible you can fill to fill that bucket. The cherries there, well are huge and very sweet. They are good enough that you can just pick one and try it out. The first chrry i tasted form the tree was so sweet that i only picked the darkest, most ripest and the biggest cherries on the farm. My family and another family found 4 trees that no one else had found and we literally emptied those trees and were among the 1st to finish. Soon our buckets were filled with huge cherries with about 3 cm diameter. Thats huge. Once you finish picking you would go to the stall where you picked up your buckets and hand it to the weigher. That person then weighs your cherries and then calculates the price. Our 4 hugely filled bags cost $90 and the other family about $60. So intotal for 8 bags of cherries it was $150. Completely worth it. In the end i felt so happy and full. Those cherries filled up 3 eskies. So go on down and do some chrry picking. Oh and by the way, you can pick peaches there at around january.

have a good one:)