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Chia Seeds: Small But Terrible

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By lnv1108 on
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Also known as “The Miracle Seed”, Chia Seed is becoming a popular alternative medicine for high-blood, diabetes and arthritis. Studies also show that Chia Seed is richer in Omega-3 than fish oil; helps improve brain function; gives a lot of energy which is excellent for athletic people and good for people who want to lose some weight.

I already knew 3 people who are using Chia Seeds and are now enjoying its benefits. One has a high-blood and after taking Chia Seeds does not anymore need to take medicines that help keep up her blood pressure. The other person has arthritis, she told me that she does not anymore experience joint pain especially on cold days; and the only thing that she is taking at the moment is Chia Seeds. The other person said that every time she takes Chia Seeds she does not crave for sweet and salty food.

On the other hand, there are some researches made on Chia Seeds that state too much consumption of it is not good for the body. Hence, moderate usage of Chia Seeds is advisable.

Chia Seeds maybe eaten directly or mix to porridge or cereals. Some mixed it to tea or coffee. For people who love to bake, there are also bread and cake recipes that use Chia Seeds.