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Chick Can Rack My Chicken Anytime!

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The Chick Can Bayou Classic from Barbour International has to be the best invention ever! We are really into smoking meat for dinner, family gatherings, and parties. Our smoker gets a real workout. I came across the Chick Can and we loved what it does so much I bought another.

The Chick Can is a rack for a chicken. You use it with beer, or soda, to stand and smoke, or bake, your chicken. What you get in the end is a delicious entrée anyone would be proud to serve.

How It Works:

You use a thawed, washed whole chicken. Drink about half of a 12-ounce beer and place it in the Chick Can Rack. Slide the cavity of your chicken over the rack and coat with cooking oil and whatever seasoning you like. Shove an onion wedge in the neck cavity and set the whole shebang on your grill in indirect heat.

We found wrapping your chicken with foil, after it browns up, results in an even better, if you want to top the best, smoked chicken.

You can't mess this up. The rack keeps your chicken upright during cooking so you don't have juices settling in one spot. Everything is tender and juicy, even the white meat.

The Chick Can is stainless. It's sturdy. It's quickly become our favorite way to cook a chicken.