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Chicks And Cubs

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Cynthia Powell owner of Chicks And Cubs sells a variety of keepsakes, slings and child safety products. I received 5 samples to review. And if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or know anybody who has children then you need to check out this website.

I received a child safety identification wristband which is available for $8 and comes in either blue or pink. The wristband can be used to hide your child's personal information and medical information as well. If your child is ever lost or hurt their information can be easily found inside the wristband. This is great to use if your child goes on school trips or if you are traveling away from home. The wristband is very durable and no one would ever know that the there is information inside the wristband unless your child tells someone.

Another product that I found interesting was the shoe sticker ID kit. The kit includes 20 stickers and you can use it for up to 10 pairs of shoes. They give you 1 permanent marker and you write your child's information and hide it in their shoes. The cost of the product is $10 and its another great way to hide your child's personal info, all they have to do if they need help is take off a shoe and had it to a trusty adult.

If you have a baby or a child in a car seat you can purchase a car seat ID kit. The kit includes 4 ID cards (blank), 4 self seal pouches and 4 Velcro tab sets. The set costs $10 and you can use these on car seats, strollers, booster seats, bikes or wheel chairs. There is a spot for a thumb print and photo and you can add your child's name and address as well as other information. Once this is done you can seal it in the pouch provided and attach it to the car seat or another place.

There is also some safety products that parents can carry and one of those products is the wallet ID kit. With this kit you get 5 blank ID cards and 5 self seal pouches. You can add the same information as the car seat ID. These can be carried in your wallet, give one to your child and you can also give one to everyone who cares for your child. This kit is available for $10. This is a great way to remember all of your child's personal information and hand it to an officer.

I feel that anything that can safe a child's life is a great product and worth every penny. No parent or grandparent should be without one of these products.

I think this is a great invention and worth the price she is charging. The cloths are made of 100% cotton flannel, making it machine washable.