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Children's Book That Teaches About God

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We continually buy books for our baby because we wanted her to have many books to read when she would grow up. But we only buy her books from second hand book sales because they are way cheaper than new books. And they have good selections, too.

Since we believe in God, we also would like to teach our child about God and so we bought a picture bible. Then we realized that my baby already wants to turn the pages herself. But since the picture bible's pages are made of paper, they easily tear. So we thought that a board book is more appropriate for her age. At that time, she was only 6 months old.

When she turned 7 months, we saw another book of bible stories--The Little Puzzle Bible. Actually, this book only has 6 bible stories written in very short sentences. One story is only 5 sentences long. It contains the story of Adam and Eve, Noah, Daniel and the Lions, David and Goliath, the Birth of Jesus, and Jesus heals the sick. Not much isn't it? But it is enough for a baby.

And the stories come in full color vistas recreated by Gustavo Mazali. Actually, the writer was not credited, only the illustrator.

My baby is only several months old so she can only appreciate the stories we read to her and the colors of the drawings. But I classified this as a children's book rather than a baby's book because the book's format is like this. Each story takes up two pages--a spread. The entire spread is a picture drawing of the scenery that is being described in the story. On the left side the story is written. But on the right side, is a jigsaw puzzle!

That is right! Not only this is a picture story book but also a book of jigsaw puzzles. That is why we bought it because of its worth. My daughter can use this until probably 3 or 4 years old because of the puzzle. Not only is she taught early about God but she is able to enjoy the book because of the many things she can do with it.

This is a really good buy!