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Children's Zyrtec

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My 22-month-old has had a runny nose since July. Until about a month ago it wasn't really bad enough to do much about. If it really bothered him, I'd give him benedryl, but since that pretty much knocks him out, I've tried not to use it too often. This year when the oak pollen started to get high, his allergies really kicked in. His nose ran nonstop and his eyes were so red and itchy. He rubbed them constantly. I know he was miserable. We had an appointment with his allergist(for his food allergies) and I asked him what I could give him. He reccommended the childrens' Zyrtec.

The Zyrtec is for indoor and outdoor allergies and is just recently being sold as an over the counter drug. My son loves the grape taste, so it isn't a struggle to get him to take it. The syrup says it is 24 hour relief, but when you read the directions, it can also be given every 12 hours in smaller doses. This is what has worked for our son. His nose has completely stopped running and his eyes are so much better. They still start to bother him as the medicine wears off, but nothing like without it. Another great thing about this is that it doesn't cause the extreme drowsiness that benedryl does.

It did take almost a week for the full effects of the Zyrtec to kick in. I was about ready to give up and try something else. It got better after the first few doses, but his allergies don't bother him at all now.

The age is 2 and up, so check with your doctor for dosing, your child is younger than that. I did have a hard time finding this medicine. It's sold everywhere, but I had to go to 3 different places to find a store where it wasn't sold out. Of course we live in one of the worst places for seasonal allergies, so it may not be as hard to find everywhere.

If your little one is bothered by allergies, I'd definately give Zyrtec a try.