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Child's Classic To Adult Treasure Pinocchio

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For my tenth birthday, my grandmother gave me the wonderful book about Pinocchio. I still have the book and it is one of my childhood treasures.

I think everyone knows the story of Pinocchio, the little boy who was carved out of wood by a carpenter, named Geppetto. Geppetto was not married and had no children, so he created Pinocchio to be his puppet. Pinocchio wanted to be real boy and the story is about the lessons he learned along the way, the biggest lesson being not to tell lies. The Fairy, who was Pinocchio's guardian angel, taught him that with every lie he told, his nose would grow. This became a real problem for Pinocchio who repeatedly told lies.

He meets Talking Cricket (later known as Jiminy Cricket) who becomes his conscience.

Though he is still a puppet and not a "real boy", he is able to move and act on his own. Throughout the story, Pinocchio runs away and meets many unsavory characters, like Fox and Cat that he follows and gets into various kinds of trouble with, from thievery to being turned into a donkey at the circus.

Instead of being good as he had been instructed, he told lie after lie and his nose grew very long.

At the end of the story, Pinocchio and Geppetto are swallowed by a whale, (called a Dogfish in this book). They manage to escape and by then, Pinocchio has learned his lesson about lying and promises to be good from now on. At the end, he becomes a real live boy.

This is a great story for kids and there are many lessons that can be taught from the book or the movie version by Disney .

My book is very old, though I cannt find a copyright date on it. It says it was translated from the Italian version of the story and is 250 pages long. It is falling apart, so I treat it gingerly. The book has been with me since my tenth birthday, which was inscribed inside to me. It is one of my childhood treasures that I will keep forever.