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Chilean Rose Tarantula

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So for some reason, I’ve always had a thing for spiders. I decided to purchase a tarantula and began researching them and found there are TONS of different species to choose from. You have your ground spiders, and climbing spiders. Some are aggressive, some aren't. Some live very short lives; others can live to be about 30 years old.

I decided on the Chilean Rose variety, and they had this at our local pet store. I also read that the males were more aggressive and also lived to be about 5 years old. So I spoke with the pet store, and made sure they guarantee it was a Female. Females are more docile and easier to care for. They did have one and I picked it up that day.

I already had a 10 gallon fish tank, which was the perfect size for her. I put down some bedding, and a couple logs and a rock which she could go under. Also a small heater and a small water bowl.

The first thing I noticed was she doesn't move much! Tarantulas are night time creatures, and become more active then. The second thing was that she could climb up the glass (I had a mesh cover) which wasn't good! Ground spiders when they fall more than twice their length, can die. Eventually she gave up climbing up to the top.

The best part is feeding time; my wife won't let me give her mice (the spider is about 6 inches across) so I am only giving her crickets. Let’s just say, she can move when she has too! Those crickets have no chance whatsoever!

She is also non-aggressive with humans, you can put your hand in and she hides. She will climb on you if you let her (which I haven't really done) but it isn't a good idea as they can get stressed.

Very easy to care for, only have to feed about 3 crickets per week if that, change the bedding out once per year, and have to keep the temp between 60's - 80's. Humidity isn't really an issue, but I have a gauge and it stays at about 80 percent.

One other very strange thing is the molting process..... I read about it, thought I was ready for it... but it's strange! What happens is about twice per year the spider will molt. This is when she is ready to grow and must shed her exoskeleton. She will lie on her back and will look dead for about a day. You'll wake up one day and you'll have two spiders in the tank. Upon closer inspection, you'll see one is your spider; the other is the old skeleton which looks like a second spider! When the spider molts, you have to take the crickets out, otherwise they can kill the spider as it is vulnerable.

So if you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for pet, and want something different, I suggest this type of spider.