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...Chim Chim Cher Ee!

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MR. BAR-B-Q Chimney Charcoal Grill Starter

$12.99 @ Whole Foods Mart

Yeah, I'm a Food Network junkie; I even get the newsletter.

What're YOU laughing at?!?

A fella's gotta eat right? And if he owns a grill, er... that is uh, three grills, two smokers, an old hibachi and has a pit staked out in the back yard for spring construction, well, he might have to feed a few people every now and then.

It's good to see what kind of trends are going around.

Besides, I'm pretty certain somebody has been feeding them my ideas for a few years!

I mean, I've been wanting to throw Bobby down for a looooooooong time!

Now this handy little pyro-initiator had my eye for some time before I finally pulled one off the shelf.

Simple, minimal construction, fairly rugged, shaped like a Texas sized beer mug, has a wooden covered handle, helps get rid of some of that newsprint that never gets recycled fast enough, and uses fire?

How could I resist?!

Really, I'm surprised I held out so long!

A relative "rocket-scientist" not needed kinda gadget. Just my style.

When it comes to me playing with fire, I like to focus on the meats!

Ok, Here's the One-Two:

Ball up 5-7 pages of your local daily, place in the bottom section of the chimney, snug ‘em in friendly like.

Fill top section with charcoal.

Light the paper (I'de use a bic!) When paper is completely burned your charcoal will have been "started".

Approx. time: 12-15 minutes from first crumple to grill.

Quite a few varieties of styles and brands are naturally showing up all over the place, with prices from cheap to "you gotta be kidding!" I googled it right quick before writing this, as usual, there's a few thousand returns.

I think I saw an e-bay or Amazon ad for $7.+(used!). Yes, my eyes are rolling too!

No fluid, no fumes and a quick, obedient bed of coals (they can be stubborn sometimes can't they!?).

I'm sure I've made my money back in fluid cost in just one summer.

If you like to light up before a meal and you only want to taste the food, give this little fireside buddy an invite to your next Bar-B-Que. I think you'll be glad you did.

NOTE: Not for use with gas grills.

I just had to add that, it was actually on the label!