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Chinaman Review: Razer Pro Tone M250 Earphones

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Mark Chan By Mark Chan on
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Ni hao! Today I review the Razer Pro|tone m250 earphones.

To be honest, I got these for a very large bargain of $14.99 back during Thanksgiving, thinking I was in for a treat, but I was wrong. These earphones aren't that great. The Chinaman lost this time.

First of, I'll start with the good. The design of these earphones looks awesome. That's about it. Everything else is sub-par.

The audio quality is fair. It's not good, but it's not bad either. There's little bass, if there's any at all to be heard because these won't stick close to your ear. When you put them on, they somewhat just hang on your ears. You can barely hear the sound. It's probably because my mp3 player doesn't have loud max volume, so unless yours does, don't get these. I wouldn't recommend these for running, as you'd barely hear the music and the environmental sound would overpower it. Unless of course if you live in a rural neighborhood or the countryside, but I still won't recommend these.

The comfort is bad. After a while, those little clips with hurt the back of your ears unless you adjust them from time to time or just let them hang loosely. Did I say these headphones are bad?

Do yourself a favor and don't get these. I'm sure you can find better sounding and lower priced earphones elsewhere. O well, as long as everyone else knows not to get this crappy product, it's all good. Zai jian!