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Chlor Trimenton Allergy

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Having never had hay fever-type allergies when I was a child, I was baffled at first by frequent stuffy noses, watering and itchy eyes, and a generally funky feeling starting a few years ago. My local editor told me it sounded like maybe I had allergies, so I made an appointment with my doctor. Sure enough, I had developed a sensitivity to things I'd lived alongside of peacefully my entire life!

Apparently, allergies can come and go no matter what age you are. This year, my symptoms were barely noticeable and didn't require anything but a hot bath once in awhile. Back when they first started, I needed something that would clear my eyes enough to be able to write, and give me some relief so I could manage 3 kids and a house.

After trying a few over-the-counter brands that didn't work, my doctor recommended Chlor-Trimeton. It works great! I don't think I could have survived the last few seasons with my sanity intact had it not been readily available at the pharmacy.

My husband developed similar problems this year, and I told him ... try the Chlor-Trimeton. He did and his symptoms cleared up, so he's using it regularly this year. Hopefully his allergies will get less severe as time goes on. Hopefully, for the both of us, they'll go away entirely. Until then, this is our product of choice for allergies.

We buy the 12 hour doses in the 24 tablet box. I wish we could buy more at a time because we're running back to the pharmacy so often.