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Chocolate Licorice? It's Not Bad.

Reviewing: Hershey's Twizzlers Chocolate Twists  |  Rating:
kaytidawg By kaytidawg on
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This is the only flavors of Twizzlers that I like, and they are hard to find, at least in my area. I only see them in a couple of convenience stores every once in a while. They have a muted chocolate flavor similar to the taste of a Tootsie Roll. A bonus is that they are not too sweet.

Still, whenever I eat these there is a drawback. I feel like I'm chewing on a piece of plastic due to their consistency. They are very tough to chew and have a kind of gloss on the outside. I see this as a good thing though because when I find a bag I don’t eat very many of them and it ends up lasting me a long time.

Twizzlers are basically licorice ropes that are braided or "twisted" together. They are relatively big, about 10 inches long I would guess, but you can rip off pieces pretty easily to share with friends by giving the licorice a good tug. The chocolate flavor doesn’t have much of a licorice taste, which is why I don’t mind this flavor. And I don't feel as guilty after eating one of these as I would a candy bar or other piece of chocolate because it lacks the fat.