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Chocolate Whoppers

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When we were at Wal-Mart checking out the Easter candy on sale, I somehow passed the boxes or should I say, "cartons" of Whoppers. Next thing I knew, one was in my cart!

For some reason Easter is the time when we crave this particular chocolate, in addition to the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs!

Whoppers come in an old fashioned milk carton type container that contains malted milk balls - hence the milk carton container packaging that originally made them famous. Whoppers are naturally and artificially flavored little balls of candy that are made up of a crunchy, airy malted milk flavor. Just like a malted milk shake would taste. Then they are covered in a generous portion of a soft milk chocolate coating. Sometimes, you may bite into one that isn't the texture you think and you actually get a surprise "carmel" candy! Those are like a quest for me, as I remember that fondly from when I was a child. It's like a special prize in each box and I am not sure if it's done on purpose or if sometimes the malted milk ball doesn't puff up like it should and remains in a carmelized state?

People have done clever things with this Whopper containers. If you go to craft shows in the Spring you will always see decorated Whoppers cartons that look like a bunny rabbit and on the back you lift up the "tail" that has been made and that's how you get out your Whoppers. It's a humorous way to serve these and definitely a conversation starter because it looks like Bunny poop. Around Christmas, I have seen them decorated as Reindeer - same concept as the bunny. Some people even put these in a plastic baggie and label them as Reindeer poop or add mini marshmallows and call it Snowman poop.

I find it surprising that the carton states they now have 30% less fat than the average chocolate candy brands! Uh, I don't buy candy because they lower the fat content. I buy it because I crave it and know it's empty calories. I find that pretty funny too.

8 pieces of Whoppers are 180 calories and carry 31 grams of sugar/carbs. Not a good candy for diabetics at all. But a serving does have 1 gram of protein and No cholesterol. I am not sure anyone can actually sit there and only eat 8 Whoppers. If you wish to see the remaining ingredients and nutritional value, I have included a picture of that label.

Whoppers are a very fun candy!