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Chop Til Ya Drop!

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The PROCTOR SILEX Food Chopper

1 ½ cups of automated puree mayhem at your fingertips!

Being a guy, the only thing in/at my kitchen/grill better than a good sharp blade is multiple blades ... with a motor!!

A long time fan of this handy lil' plastic and steel counter-top carnivore for many years and a delighted owner for the past two, I find a reason to use it just about every time I turn the lights on!

For me, its' simplicity alone is a selling point. No buttons, no LED display of what I can already see myself; just man, machine and the ready to apply results of anything "formally known as"!

There is a sizable list of "do not use" items the manufacturer doesn't want you explore.

Yeah! Like that's' going to stop me!

Though really, if you choose to exercise the raw meat option, I would and do have an auxiliary (spare)...for just such emergencies!

At the current price, usually $9.99+tx. every day at Wally World, not picking up two would just be silly! More blades! More motor! Where's Tim when you need him?!

With manually operated "Pulse Speed Control" you can be the Maestro of your own epicurial symphony!

Easy to clean and "dishwasher safe" pretty much wraps up my requirements check-off when it comes to what's in my toolbox/kitchen. Sauces, rubs, marinades, compotes, sprinkles, scatterings, anything you can possibly want smaller/mixed than you want to chop/stir by hand; and FAST.

Margarita for two? Nuts for the kid's sundae? I even do a bit of home sausaging (is that a word?) occasionally! With this little workhorse at your beck and call the skies and the pot are the limit with what you may mince.