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Chop Wizard

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dsnygrl By dsnygrl on
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First let me begin by saying I am not an as seen on TV fan. I have never ordered a product that I have seen Billy Maze advertise. That said, lets talk about the Vidalia chop wizard. I am a home cook and I love to cook almost every day. Once or twice a year a group of us get togeter and make 2 30 quart pots od homemade chili. It takes us about 4 hours to prep and cut all the vegetables. I am also very strict on the size and the shapes of the cuts. By the end of the day, they all hate me. I was talking to my neighbor the last time we under took this and she told me that her husband bought a chop wizard and loves it. I told her how I liked the size and the shape to be just so and she told me that indeed, the chop wizard would do that. I was still not convinced but I went ahead and got one anyway. Wow, it really does work. It comes with 2 different sized blades so you have a choice on what size you want you pieces to be. When we do the chili, the worst part is the onions. I used the chop wizard to chop 2 large onions for a dish last night and I was done with the chopping long before the crying began. I was also not looking forward to how hard I thought this would be to clean but it is actually very easy. It comes apart and it dishwasher safe. One of the smartest parts is the lid cleaning tool that is included. On the top of the unit there is a raised bumpy surface that pushes down on the object you are slicing and forces it through the blades. Food tends to get stuck in these tight little groves. The cleaning tool which looks like a little comb gets in there and removes it all so that it comes out clean and ready to go. Now I can't wait for our next chili making day.