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Christian Dior J'adore L' Absolu Eau De Parfum

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Since my teenage days up to now, I am very much fascinated with perfumes. I enjoyed working my day when allured with my favorite scent. I want to feel the freshness of its fragrance all day long while in a busy scheme of my career. I'll just don't know but seems something is lacking with myself when my favorite perfume is away from me.Seems the notion of my energy is out in the mood without its embodiment.

When I went shopping one day in one of our Shopping Mall in our locality and since my Poison is almost empty, I tried to dropped by and take a look at the Christian Dior Section to buy for a new one. When I saw that J'Adore Eau de Parfum is available, I then spoke to the Sales Lady to have it for me because I want to buy the product. Speaking of fragrances, I do believe of the product by Christian Dior. I agree with its product quality being an avid patronizer. It is also a hobby for me collecting my favorite scents from Christian Dior including products by Estee Lauder and Yves Rocher.

As we may know, Chirstian Dior has been existing in the business world for a decade now and could not be bet by their contemporaries in terms of product development particularly perfume and fragrances.

To share more, herein below is the product feature:

BRAND: Christian Dior

PRODUCT NAME: Christian Dior J'Adore L' Absolu Eau De Parfum Spray (Unboxed)


Size: 75 ml./2.05 oz.


This perfume enhances its height the science of flowers. It sublimates a floral note with 4 absolutes of mythical flowers Turkish rose, Tuberose, Sambac jasmine & Comorian Ylang-ylang Flower which is an absolute results from sophisticated process of extraction. It invites women in an abounding floral garden that offers ultra feminine ritual, full of intensity and emotion. This perfume is ideal and appealing to women of all ages.


The product is unboxed that retained its quality of freshness and genuiness as in the original packaging and is labeled by its Manufacturer, Christian Dior.

PRICE RANGE: $90 - $110

RECOMMENDATION: Recommended to potential buyers especially women who are busy all day. This product is ideal for women of all ages especially in an office career.


The Ylang-ylang and the Tuberose floral scent of J'Adore L'Absolu Eau De Perfum Spray is the one that I love the most. I could always feel the surround midst of Ylang-Ylang flowers blended with Tuberose that leaves to myself all day long while busy with my work. The whole day office career is enjoyed with Ylang-Ylang which also sublimates the Turkish Rose, Tuberose and Sambac Jasmine. These floral combination of this product is really perfect for me and to any woman who is busy all day with her career or in any profession. It leaves no worries for her because the floral scent embodied her to accomplish her work inspiringly.


Since I am in a full time office career, I used this perfume daily for me to stay fresh all day long. I feel the surround midst of floral scent especially the Ylang-ylang and the Tuberose of which I love it so much. The energetic passion I have that embodies its myth of this perfume tends me to accomplish all my work for the day with no back logs. I feel no worries of not being fresh. I really love its feminine scent which expresses my femininity that best describe me as a perfect woman of the day.

So, if you are in a full time career, you may try this product as you will also love it as the way I am. I bought this product in the amount of $97.99 and I have no regret in patronizing it because it intensifies my energy and emotions to become femininely perfect. The myth of the floral scent describes of being myself and that's how a woman could be.


I have nothing to say about this product except that it works well for me. I found Christian Dior J'Adore L' Absolu Eau De Parfum Spray as a perfect company for my fragrance need. What is also amazing is that the product is ideal to women of all ages. You will definitely love it and found that it is enhancing and intensifying. So, try it now and feel the same what I've feel.Don't miss!