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We have been creating our Christmas village for the past ten years. Each year we try to buy at least one more piece to add to the collection and to date, did not yet have a Dept 56 piece. Most of the pieces come from stores that have made replicas of their own building. We have a Publix, Hershey's Chocolate World Store, Sam Walton's original Wal-Mart and a Wal-Mart Super store, S&H Green Stamps, Dollar General, Cracker Barrel, Sailor's Pub, church, school, little houses, eBay, Winery, Book store, Pet store and a lot more. The generic pieces were purchased at Big Lots, Wal-Mart, KMart, and Dollar Tree - which is mainly where we got most of our people.

Well, Ralphie's house was a piece I just had to have when I saw it at Sears. The original price was $32.99 and we went back this past Saturday hoping their items were on sale. Not only was it marked down to $23.99 but it was the last one. I have seen this same piece online for $45.00, which is closer to D56 piece prices. Now someone on eBay is selling it for $63.74 and the seller states the original price is $74.99 - uh, no it wasn't! But talk about being fortunate! I also saw the piece of Ralphie and his two friends at the flag pole, where they were daring each other to stick their tongue to a freezing cold pole. Since this piece was part of the display and apparently not for sale, the sales clerk was so awesome when she let me purchase it and at the lowest sale price of $5.99! Yay for me!

Ralphie's house has colored plastic Christmas lights that are hung on a black string. They don't light up unfortunately, but it's ok. The famous leg lamp that sits in the front window is made of a plastic piece what has the lamp painted on it. Now, I would have preferred they put an actual lamp, as most of the D56 pieces pay attention to detail, but it was the last one and I needed this piece to make people laugh. It's definitely going to be a conversation piece at our party this Saturday night.

There is a decorated soft Christmas tree outside, complete with silver garland.

The roof top has patches of snow and I included a picture of the famous back door where the Bumpus' dogs ran out of after eating their turkey and the same door he went outside to shoot his Red Rider BB Gun and actually almost did shoot his eye out. Good thing for icicles!

The snow on the ground is glittery and really adds to the whole feel of this house. I love it and since our town is hopping with other popular locations, I can now say we FINALLY own a D56 piece and didn't have to over pay for it. Thanks Sears!

Update On Mar 31, 2010: Even though Christmas is over, I am enjoying watching the video and think maybe this year I will just make my husband watch the video so we don't have to take it all out again. Just kidding, but it's a thought. :)

Update On Jun 10, 2010: I needed a Christmas in July fix (even though it's June). I am glad that I took this little video so I can start prepping for this coming Christmas! I love that holiday time. This year I hope to get the actual leg lamp for my front window, so we'll see.