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Chrono Cross Psx, Sequal To Chrono Trigger!

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By louiewphs04 on
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Although suprisingly under-rated & under-appreciated, Chrono Cross is actually a fantastic game, with an amazing storyline! Not only is the whole premise of the story jumping back from your world to a parallel world & back again, it's a kind of "sequal" to the game Chrono Trigger which even amplifies it's greatness more. Just goes to show you that great games can indeed, fly under the radar.

You start the game as a person named Serge, who as far as anyone is concerned is just an ordinary kid with nothing special about him. As the game progresses you'll figure out that Serge plays a bigger role then anyone could have ever imagined. At the beginning you just do every-day tasks that people ask of you around town & eventually you end up by accident getting warped to a parallel world, totally lost how you got there & this is when the story of the game really begins.

I obtained this game from a family member & ever since the first day I ever popped the game in I just couldn't stop playing. The gameplay involves a basic kind of RPGisque feel, with a few unique features. Such as setting up "Elements" which you use in battle to cast various "spells" & if you set them in the right element bar you can make a given "element" stronger. The other amazing thing about this game is the variety of characters you get to choose from! I think in total there is over 50+ characters to choose from to play in battle. What makes the game even greater is that each character has their own personality & a little story embedded in the game about them.

The characters you'll be seeing most of in the game are Serge, Kidd, and another character Lynx which doesn't show up until later. They all have about the biggest roles in this game as you can ever imagine but I won't reveal any spoilers. There are some MAJOR differences in the way the game is played as it progresses, so be prepared! You'll know what i mean as you get to that point.

What else to look forward to is that for it's time it's a fairly long game, so long that it doesn't fit into just one disc, but two!

If you're interested in getting it you could probably find it on the internet for about $7-$15 for the PSX. It's a well worth it purchase if you're an RPG lover & you're looking for a totally new RPG to indulge yourself in. You won't regret it, just don't compare it up to the "prequal" of Chrono Trigger or you might be a little let down.