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Chrysler Town Country Minivan

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derwood By derwood on
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When I was growing up, my family owned two Chrysler Town & Country minivans, and I've logged thousands upon thousands of miles as a backseat passenger, as well as several hundred miles as the driver in both of them. This review will be based upon my experence as a passenger.

Being from a family that liked to travel, we needed a vehicle that would accommodate 5 people and their luggage, for trips that were around two weeks in length. After shopping around, my parents decided on a Chrysler Town & Country, both for the reputation of the Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler minivans, and for the comfort and features that this particular model offered.

The vehicle that we purchased had the option of two reclining Captain's chairs in the second row, rather than the half-bench seat that was also offered, and whenever I was a passenger, "my seat" was always the one that was located directly behind the driver. I always found the seat itself to be very comfortable, and with its generous leg room, two folding arms, leather seating surface, and its ability to recline, I almost never had a hard time getting comfortable for a long day's travel.

The interior was very quiet, and the ride was very smooth, which helped to make our trips very enjoyable. During the rare times when when we could all agree on a music selection, I also found the stereo to be quite impressive, with good power and great sound.

From what I could feel, the engine seemed to have plenty of power, and I was able to confirm this first-hand in my later years, when I was given a turn at driving.

One of the coolest features that I always enjoyed as a passenger was the trip computer mounted on the ceiling between the two front seats. From the back seat, I could keep tabs on interesting things such as the outside temperature, the miles per gallon we were acheiving, the compass heading, and more. While the trip computer was too far forward for me to reach its buttons from my seat, I was able to occupy myself watching it display all of the real-time information.

Regardless of what we packed with us, and the amount of stuff we collected over the course of our vacations, we always seemed to have plenty of room for the passengers to find a comfortable position to sleep away long drives. This helped the traveling portion of our vacations to be nearly as enjoyable as being at our destinations.

During the 300, 000+ miles that we totaled on both of these minivans, we only had a couple of problems that interfered with our trips, such as when the brake warning light came on while we were at a rest stop, or a time that the lug nuts on one of the wheels vibrated loose, or another time that the water pump sprung a leak. Other than those few inconveniences, both of these vans were fine traveling companions.

For the most part, the role these minivans played was to carry us safely to our destinations and back home again. They fade into the background of our vacation memories, which is where they should be, allowing the fun we had on the vacation itself to be the main focus. They both served us very well, and I don't think we could have asked for more.