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Ciazil: I Can Live Without It!

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I decided to write about this review for the benefit of those who are taking prescribed medications for depression. I have switched into a herbal supplement and gave up Ciazil. Let me share with you my experience with Ciazil.

My doctor gave me a prescription for Ciazil in April 2007. This medication, according to him is the safest among other anti-depression tablets. Since I was also breast-feeding my son at that time, my doctor reckoned that Ciazil was safe for me and my baby.

All anti-depression medications need prescription from doctors as they cannot be bought over the counter. Medication like this affects the brain function by relieving the symptoms of depressed mood as it acts on certain chemicals on specific areas of the brain.

According to my doctor, the effect of Ciazil will only be noticeable after 2 to 3 months of taking it regularly. Recommended dosage of Ciazil is a single dose either in the morning or in the evening. It is recommended to take Ciazil continuously as long as your doctor prescribes it. Your doctor will also determine how much dosage you need. You also cannot just stop taking Ciazil even if you start to feel better. You must always discuss all matters concerning this medication to your doctor.

After less than 3 months of taking Ciazil, I felt that it relieved my depression caused by too much mental stress as well as physical. I believe that it was already working for me. I felt better. Aside from taking this medication, I also did regular exercise, specifically brisk walking, every morning or afternoon, whenever my schedule allowed me.

However, after 6 months of taking Ciazil, I finally decided to stop this medication and fight depression in the most natural way. My doctor also believed at that time that I can overcome my depression due to the more positive attitude that I have shown while taking Ciazil. The most important deciding factor for me to stop Ciazil is the fact that I was also breast-feeding my son. Although my doctor said that Ciazil was safe for me and my baby, I still believed that it was much better for him not to have Ciazil in his system to avoid any long-term or unknown effect if any.

At present, I prefer to take herbal supplements that help me relieve stress everyday and do regular exercise to keep my body and mind fit and healthy.

Overall, Ciazil did help me but I can say that I can live without it.