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Cimco Phone Internet Service Don't Use!!!!

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klkwid By klkwid on
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I've had a horrible experience with Cimco service through work and I want to make sure that you all know not to use this company should it ever be an option for you!

Cimco, from what I'm gathering, is not a widely known company anyway, so I don't know that it will be a huge problem, but here's the story-When we looked into internet and phone services for our office, we needed a standard high speed connection, local, and long distance service for 4 phones and a fax. Not too big a deal. The best option that we could get at our building at the time was Cimco for a whopping $700 to $800 a month. When we found that other services became available for a third that price or less, we waited out our contract (or so we thought) and cancelled our service in the appropriate manner, giving them 2 months notice before the end of our phone contract and allowing the 2 months required time for notice on our internet service. We immedieately started getting calls trying to lower our rates to get us to stay. The rates they offered at that time were STILL double what we were going to pay with other services, so I told them we weren't interested. NOW they say that our internet contract states that we were locked in for 2 more years beyond the stated length of time of 2 months written notice. They cite the contract as being worded in such a way that we are locked in, when it DISTINCTLY says that they require just 2 months written notice with no specified time frame like the other contract says (which we followed as we signed for originally.) They say that it's IMPLIED. OUR lawer says that we should be able to get out of this contract with the 2 months they originally asked for. THEY say they're going to "get their legal team to look it over". Unless your idea of customer service is to use scare tactics to try to keep customers, this is certainly not a friendly way to handle your clients. They should be more willing to discuss the terms and come to a reasonable conclusion or try to deal with us in a professional manner.

On the other side, the service is fairly good-we have only had a few instances where our internet was out. A few more where our phones went out, but nothing too unreasonable. Still not the quality you would expect for such a high price, though.

Bottom line here is that before you sign something written, ask them what's implied, I guess! Well, I suppose whatever is implied is going to be what suits them best at the time that they need it.

Update On Mar 30, 2009: Just as an update-we've been with a different service now for about 2 months and I'm STILL getting bills from these guys that I'm sure they expect payment on. This company is very difficult to work with-even when yo udon't use them anymore!!