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Cinderella After The Wedding

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By ladym33 on
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Cinderella was one of my favorite movies as a child. So when I saw Cinderella II at a garage sale I knew I just had to buy it. The sad thing is I wanted it for me and not the kids.

Cinderella's friends the mice are looking forward to hearing the Fairy God Mother read the Cinderella story. They get there too late and miss the story. They ask the Fairy God Mother to read them another one and she informs them that there is not another story. So they get the idea to write their own Cinderella story. They decide to write a story about Cinderella's first day at the castle and subsequent days after she marries Prince Charming.

The minute they get back to the castle after their honeymoon the King sweeps the Prince away to take care of royal businessleaving Cinderella at the castle to learn how to become a Princess. Of course old habits die hard and Cinderella gets up to fix breakfast for everyone. She is immediately told this was no way for a princess to behave by Prudence who has been put in charge of training Cinderella to behave like a Princess. Cinderella has a bit of trouble understanding all the rules and such of the castle. Eventually the pressure of learning everything and following all the rigid rules gets to her and she breaks down and cries. She then realizes that she is going to refuse to be anyone than who she is. She decides to start doing things her way, and that includes running the big ball her way.

After the initial ball Cinderella finds that she will be responsible for planning other social functions in the castle. One of her mice friends Jock wants to help Cinderella but he finds this difficult being a mouse and all, so he wishes that he were bigger the Fairy God Mother happens to overhear this and decides to grant his wish and turns him in to a human. He becomes Sir Hugh Cinderella's right hand man. But the castle's big white cat is on to him. He soon feels that he misses being a mouse, and Cinderella and the mice go about handling many responsibilities of the castle.

Cinderella also helps one of her step sisters find romance in this delightful tale of sticking to your guns and staying true to yourself.

This movie is cute little tale and it is nice to see how Cinderella fares after snagging the Prince. It was also nice to see other characters from the original Cinderalla movie. The movie does seem to drag on and the plot does go ary a bit and breaks off in to several small plots which makes the movie a little disjointed and difficult to follow especially for little ones. That being said my 5 year old loves it and still requests it from time to time. It's not a perfect movie, but it is still cute, it just lasts longer than it shoud.