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Cinderella's Sister

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This Drama is called Cinderella's sister and the genre of it is Romance, melodrama. For those of you who are into romantic drama's this one is more on a melo side, and the whole drama isn't about a couple falling in love. While watching this drama you'll probably think it will be exactly like the Disney movie Cinderella, but this is nothing like that charming movie. The drama will be from the perspective of Cinderella's step-sister instead of Cinderella's point of view. Whats the storyline of the drama? Well, Retelling the classic tale of Cinderella is a story about a stepsister who lived a dreadful life of a horrible mom, unable to be happy living an emotional childhood. While watching her mother get abused by her father, she finally pulls her mom out of it and they arrive in a subway train. Then she finally arrives at Cinderella's house, and finally feels some warmth and is content. At some point in time she feels uneasy because she realizes how much pain, guilt, and unhappiness because of the things she did and felt. The actors and actresses that play in this drama are Jung Myung as Ki Hoon, who is loved by both the step sister(eun jo) and the so called cinderella(Go Hyo). He doesn't fall in love with Go Hyo but with Eun Jo instead. Moon Geun Young who plays Eun Jo will be the "villian of the drama" and Seo Woo who plays Go Hyo will play the innocent little cinderella. A singer coming from one of Korea's top boy singing groups called 2pm, called Taecyeon who will be playing Eun Jo's little step brother Sae Woo. Sae Woo also falls in love with Eun Jo.