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Cingular 450 Min Plan

Reviewing: Cingular 450 Min 5000 Nights And Weekends Unlimited Mobile To Mobile  |  Rating:
By joetterb on
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I used to fret at the thought of my cellular minutes and dare people not with cingular to not call me until after 9 unless it was an emergency. My phone was my only means of communication, I seen no reason to invest in a land line, but was too cheap to increase my minutes package.

5000 Nights and Weekends? I think if they are going to give you that many why not give you unlimited.

450 Minutes, Good for someone that moderately uses their phone.

The option to downgrade to a smaller package? NONE, I find it odd this is the smallest package they offer for Postpaid accounts. Some people only use their phone for emergency, older people generally dont talk alot on their phone. Why donesnt Cingular offer a smaller package to those customers that are occurring 400 rollover minutes a month out of a 450 minute plan. I mean I could see it if it were someone just trying to cut down a cell phone bill only to run way over their minutes and call in to customer service wanting a credit. But there are actually people out there that never use their phone more than 90 or 100 minutes a month. Why not after a ample time of this repeated event cant Cingular offer them some sort of smaller package.

Anything you do, they want you to extend your contract.

Prepaid is a hassle to reload via those petty cards at the Gas Station, and no one wants automated bank withdrawal for minutes, at $25 a pop.

In my opinion they are making tons of money, they could at least offer a plan to the small usage customers as well.