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Cingular Is The Worst Phone Service!!!!

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Alex Rakhminov By Alex Rakhminov on
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This is bar far one of the worst phone services that I have used so far, and I hope nobody ever uses this service because this service is a huge rip off and they really get people hyped up because of the new and cheesy Iphone 3G, but believe me when I say this don't even fall for there trick trust me. I only used this service for about four months, and I decided to just terminate my contract because it was absolutely horrible and definatly not worth it at all. Now let me begin with the things that I really hate about this phone service, the first thing is that there service is absolutly horrible and it they don't even give you any discounts they just rip you off. The other thing that I truly hate about this company is the reception is horrible because when you leave your building or come out of the elevator you have to wait ten minutes for it to reach at least two bars.

The next thing that I hate about this service is that they really rip you off because they guarentee you the best and they say you just have to pay $70 a month in my case, and when the bill comes the total is five times more like $100, and when you call them they make up some story. The final thing that's horrible about them is there costumer service, they are so bad because they show you so much attitude when you have a problem, it's like they have a problem.

Overall just stop definatly don't give this phone service because they really stink like yesterday's trash.