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Cityville Reviews A Cool Facebook Game

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Introduction about Zynga Inc. and Cityville

Zynga Inc is a large company that provides social games to Facebook such as Farmville, FrontierVille, Mafia Wars and other games, launched CityVille on Dec. 1.

Cityville was launched on December 1st, 2010 and in just 1 month, it has reached and liked by over 7 million Facebook users from around the world. Cityville is a fun and addicting social game from Facebook which can be played directly within Facebook without downloading.

The game features 3D awesome buildings and characters with funny sounds and music. Not only buildings, you can create your own farms to plant and harvest which is also very cool.


You first start with some coins and city cash, an empty land, 4 farm fields and two houses. Samantha who is a virtual character from Cityville will show you how you can earn coins, build houses or business buildings and farming. Once you passed the tutorials, you will get the basics of how to play the game. The game gets more exciting as you build more houses, open businesses, level up and have more friends as your Cityville neighbors.

With Cityville, you can build houses to grow population, from a small cute house to a big mansion, they are all in Cityville. Houses also help you get more coins by collecting rents from them. Every business company needs customers and Cityville's businesses are also the same. The more houses you build, the more your businesses grow.

Open businesses when you have big population. You can open Bakery stores, Burger Joints, Coffee Joints, Toy Stores and more and use business buildings to earn coins and open franchises in your neighbors' cities in the future. Once you have reached level 10 to 13, you can open a franchise building in each of your neighbors' cities and franchises will help you earn more coins from your neighbors. Well, businesses always need goods to work so in Cityville, you farm to collect goods and supply your businesses.

Farming is really fun in Cityville. You can plant anything you want on the farm fields and collect them to supply your businesses. If you have lots of goods, you can sell them to your neighbors and earn coins back. Once you reached a high level, you can grow farm animals such as cows, too.

All activities above need energy, every time you do something, your energy bar will decrease, so to get more energy, you can visit your neighbors' cities, or buy more energy using city cash or ask your friends or neighbors to send you energy.

A fun game with a happy ending

Cityville, a new game with lots of fun will grow to take the first place as the best game of Facebook. Happy playing!