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Civil War The Game For Pc

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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The History Channel put this game out about the Civil War a few years ago. You can play on either the North Side or the South Side. You can play with either 1 or 2 players and you can even play over the internet with players from all over.

You build you troops and scatter them about the United States of America (the other side does the same). Then the game is on. It's a bit similar to the board game Risk. You keep training troops and building up your forces in the territories that you have chosen. When you do decide to attack your opponent, the game switches from a map to a landscape 3D battlefield. You move your troops and fire at the enemy until they are defeated or you are. If you win that battle then take over that area.

Some of the military units that you can train include cavalry, musketeers, riflemen, cannons, mortars, ad generals you can even create new forts when you take over a new territory with a fort space in it.

The game also includes a Civil War time line, historical documents and hundreds of actual photographs from the Civil War.

If you are a history buff and enjoy the Civil War time period this is defenatly the game for you.