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Ckc Face Powder

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Don't let the outlooks of the product fools you.It is indeed a great product for your skin.It prevents acne breakout and keeps your skin smooth and flawless.I know it look like some homemade ingredient that does not deserve a place here but this thing can do wonders for your blemish or acne prone skin.It is a natural product which ahd been used for centuries in the Chinese populations.

Have you ever wonder why those Chinese women in China have blemish free looking skin? Well, they use face powder daily on their skin.The rice ingredient soothes and calms their skin and stops any blemishes from developing.Just wet the face powder pellets with some water until it forms a thick whitish gravy mixture.Then pat it on your face.In a minute or two, you will notice white powderappearing on your face and you can feel the calmness and coolness it bring to your face.It works by soaking the oil from your face but the good thing is it never dries out and causes any skin irritation, unlike those acne medications that are normallly loaded with harsh chemicals.The best part is no matter how sensitive your skin is, this product won't cause you any irirritations.Uou just have to be patience for it to work.

The key here is to apply it daily twice a day and you will surely enjoy the long term benefit it will brings to your face. A smooth and flawless skin without any acne breakouts, isn't that what we all hoping for? I think most Chinese Asean people using it.However it is quite difficult to buy in Western countries unless you really search in those shops in Chinatown.