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Clean Clear Advantage Acne Kit

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Recently I did a review on ProActiv and how happy I was with the product and how it cleared up my face. Well, I no longer feel that great about ProActiv. Since February my face has pretty much broken out in full force again for no apparent reason and ProActiv was doing nothing to help it. I think my face had become immune to it. I look at pictures of me 4 or 5 months ago and just want to cry because of how clear my face was compared to how it is now.

I've been on the lookout for a new acne product to try and I saw a commercial for a new line of products Clean & Clear has come out with. It's called Clean & Clear: Advantage, Acne Control Kit. It's very similar to ProActiv as it has 3 steps, however it does not have a toner. It has a face wash, a moisturizer, and then a spot treatment. The active ingredients in these products are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. ProActiv does not contain the later, and also I noticed Clean & Clear's products contained a much higher percentage/concentration of these ingrediants.

According to the commercials and their website these products were clinically proven to work faster and longer than ProActiv and also 100% of people had clearer skin in as little as one day. Also they claim the spot treatment can show results in as little as 8 hours.

To be perfectly honest with you, I haven't had results in as little as one day, nor did I really expect them, especially with how bad my acne is right now. What I have noticed are my pimples seem to be drying out faster but I haven't really gotten anywhere near walking out of the house with no make up on like I used to be able to do. I've noticed that the "lifetime" of my pimples (at least new ones) seems to be shortened some, but for the ones I had already I'm still waiting for the "scars" to go away, as it claims it's supposed to help those as well. I only gave the "decrease breakouts" rating a 3 because I've only used the product for about a week now. I'm hoping I'll see some more improvement as I continue into my second week of use. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can get back to how I looked just a few months ago...cross yours with me!

Update On Apr 25, 2008: Ok I think it's been a little over 3 weeks since I started using the product so I will give an update. It seems to be working, I will give it that. I don't seem to have nearly as many new pimples forming, maybe like 1 for every 6 that I was originally getting. Also they only seem to last maybe a day, if that and they are not as red. The only problem I have now are the scars from all the previous ones, those don't seem to be lessening in redness so it still looks like I have like 20 pimples. LOL I'm sure I'm making it sound worse then it is but I'm no where near to going out of the house with just a tiny bit of coverup on like I could before. Will keep you all updated.