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Clean Clear Blackhead Eraser

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I’ve had this blackhead problem since I was 12 years old and it has not been getting any better. It’s partly my fault that I decided to use this product, all clean and clear products never work for me Clean and Clear Blackhead clearing scrub didn’t work for me, the other model that claimed it was made from sea salt made my blackheads twice as worse. My skin plus any Clean and Clear product equals disaster but still I bought this any way. I was fooled by the design and the infomercial style commercials. Early on the were advertising that you would instantly see fewer blackheads but that didn’t happen for me.

The Clean and Clear blackhead eraser is very much like Nutrogena’s Wave, it’s a battery powered vibrating applicator which you put pads on and rub against your skin. I’ll give it props because it does clear out my whiteheads, minimizes my pores and makes the area of the skin that is scrubbed feel very smooth. I can only use this product maybe twice a week because I’ll start breaking out. Also simply using this product is very difficult for me you have to turn a dial and after wetting your face and rinsing my hands get wet, it’s very difficult for me to turn it of by turning the dial the other direction to turn it off. Setting it down on the sink while it’s vibrating causes it to fall off. They really need to work on that.

I still have blackheads, so far no product for me has done anything to get rid of them or approve their appearance.