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Clean Shoes Cheaply And Effectively.

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By montbard on
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There are lots of products out there that claim to clean your shoes no matter what color or material and they come with their special liquids and brushes which are effective and clean good. However if you need to clean your shoes and seem to have either run out of something like that and need a quick alternative you can use toothpaste. It doesn't matter what brand or what kind you use as long as its toothpaste, you can follow these steps to clean spots or stains on your shoes.

First: clean off your shoes as best you can with another cloth or your hands.

Then: Place a little bit of toothpaste on the spot you want to clean and with a dry cloth rub the toothpaste on.

After: the toothpaste is rubbed on, begin wiping it off with another clean cloth and wallah! Clean shoes.

Now, some deep or darker stains may need more toothpaste so keep doing the three steps until you reach reasonable or desired results. Im not saying this works as good as the professional brand shoe cleaners but for a simple household item it works great when your low on cash or need shiny shoes quickly. So i rate the toothpaste shoe cleaner a 4/5 because of its ease of use and innovation. Now you wont worry about any cavities in your shoes. And for those smart ones out there i woulden't suggest trying to pour listerine all over your shoe but hey you never know that might work as well.Thanks I hope this review was helpful.